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For better understanding below layout with four CHP units with full technological process:


1 - Wood-chip discharge

2 - Wood-chip dryer

3 - Sieve

4 - Bunkers (24h reserve)

5 - Gasifiers

6 - CHP units

FORTES gasifiers are reaching electrical efficiency up to 30% and with fuel utilisation rate up to 90%. The capacity of one such system is up to 140 kWel and heat up to 280 kWth. Energy-producing systems are additionally equipped with wood gas filtration and cooling systems, ash removal, and emergency cooling systems. 

We apply an innovative wood gas purification system, which cleans the gas with the hot gas filter and gasifies the fine particles of charcoal in the gas filter. This process ensures the most efficient use of biomass, and the plant operates without tar residues.

Our system is modular and can be used both for small project and also larger plants with electrical power up to 2000kWel and heat up to 4000kWth.

One unit with a container solution

Biomas CHP plant with 14 units


We cooperate only with industry leaders and choose most efficient MAN engines that are specially adapted for wood-gas



Our in-house developed gasification control software is developed to run on industry leading hardware.It offers exceptional user experience through our sophisticated visualizations. We have also paid great attention to make our product remotely accessible in various ways and to provide a platform for easy integration in whole plant SCADA and management systems.

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